Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Austin Triathlon race report

Here it is in all its glory. Packet pickup was on Sunday and I also had to rack my bike. In bigger triathlons you normally bring your bike the night before. It would be a nightmare to have 2000 people trying to get their bikes in on the morning of the race. It's nice not having to worry about it the morning of the race. My friend Mohra offered to keep the kids overnight which was a god send. I never sleep well the night before a race and this was no different. I woke up before the alarm and started getting antsy so I woke up Aaron and told him I wanted to leave earlier than we had planned. I'm just a ball of nerves the morning of races. We got to transition around 6:10am and it closed at 6:40 so we cut it a little close. Once the transition closed I went back to the body marking folks and used one of their markers to write "FOR YOU MOM" down my leg so that I could see it and remember my ultimate goal. Training and racing is fun but I think deep down you need to have a reason WHY you do it. I love this biblical verse..
“…knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and
character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has
been poured into our hearts…” Romans 5:3-5

So back to the race. Aaron and I went to check out the swim course. It was a little different from when we did the race two years ago. We listened to Shawn Colvin sing the National Athem. It was beautiful and always makes me cry. My wave didn't start until 7:55 so I had a while to let the butterflies swirl around in my stomach. I bumped into a friend of mine, Brittany and we talked until my wave went off. It was time to jump in the water. I told my fellow racers good luck as I think that always brings me good karma. Going out was pretty smooth as I was able to latch on to some feet and draft. As we got to the turn around the girl I was following went the wrong way. I was on my own for the way back. The sun was coming up and it was a little difficult finding the buoys to sight off of. I got off course towards the end which probably cost me some time. I got back to my bike and took off. As I started I looked down and figured out I didn't put my bike computer. Frustrating. It was a three loop course so I tried to take it easy on the first loop focusing on my nutrition and getting some calories in. Second and third loops were good and I passed lots of people and was only passed by a few. I looked down at my watch and saw that I wasn't on target for my goal time but didn't get discouraged. I racked my bike and I was off for a run. Starting out I could tell this wasn't going to be a very pleasant experience. The sun was out and I heated up pretty quickly. I ran as much as I could but walked lots. I felt like I was getting dehydrated and began to get the chills. My self talk was going a little down hill as I kept comparing the last time I did this race and had to stop because really was not the same. I had trained differently, the weather was different and the course had changed. I kept going and there I was coming to Auditorium Shores with people lining the street cheering. I was done. The volunteer grabbed my timing strap and then gave it back to me and said it wasn't one of theirs so he handed it back to me. I was a little confused as I looked at it and soon realized I had the wrong strap on the entire race and in fact it didn't even have a chip on it. I was crushed. I was fine that I didn't make my time goal but no splits, no time, nothing. I had stopped my watch at the finish line so I was able to give Run Far my time and they entered it into the computer. Live and learn right? I met up with Aaron and got some food to snack on. I was dirty and smelly and ready to get home and shower and get the kids. I got over the timing issue and was happy for a successful finish.

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint"

(Isaiah 40:31).

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day...

My "A" race is finally here! I'm very excited but nervous at the same time. I know I'll finish but I've gotten to the point where I put time goals in my head. I want to beat my previous time from 2007 so that's what I'll be striving for on Monday. I was able to make my fund raising goal for the LAF Grassroots fund raising which I'm so very proud of. It makes me think I could accomplish some bigger goals in order to help other great charities. I've already set up my next race which will be the Austin Marathon on Valentine's Day. I'll train with Rogue again which I love. Last year I had some problems with that race and I want to make it right! Here is a picture of the swim start of the race, fun times ahead!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't want to grow up...

is what my oldest daughter told me two nights ago as she cried in my bed. She started sixth grade and is now going to middle school. She never gave me the impression that she was scared or nervous about school but the night before school started she came into my room upset that she could not go to sleep. We talked about how it will be an adjustment but it will be fun. Change is difficult. I personally don't do well with it and I think she has inherited lots from her momma. The next morning, I brought her to school and as we got closer to the school the tears in her eyes began to well up. I thought since it was middle school she wouldn't want me to walk her in but she did want that and I was so happy to do so. We got her settled then she gave me a big hug and went off to her class. As I walked out of the school the tears in my eyes began to well up and I cried all the way home. When I picked her up she seemed as though it was a good day and I was relieved. Then it happened again. I could hear her crying in my room and that's when she told me she doesn't want to grow up. I held her and told her I didn't want her to grow up either which is exactly how I felt. She is just overwhelmed. Everyday will get better and it will take some time to adjust. It just breaks my heart that I can't take the pain away from her. If I could I would do it in a heartbeat. That is not the right way of thinking just a mother's way. It made me think of all the times I used to tell my Mom that I loved her more than she loved me but she always said it wasn't so. As I was holding Avery and we were having the same argument I realized that my Mom was right. As a kid you can't imagine you could love something so much until you become a mother.

What is a Mother's love?
It is something that is very, very special.

It is something that no one can really explain.

It's something that is made up of much deep
devotion, joy, pain and sacrifice.

It is endless and unselfish and it endures
whatever may come.

It is full of hopes, dreams, tears and pleasure.

Nothing can ever destroy it or take that
special love away.

It is very patient and forgiving.

A Mother's love is a lifelong commitment

to selflessness.

More often than not, it requires much more
giving than receiving.

But it is something that is given with delight,

gratitude, enthusiasm and much satisfaction.

A Mother's love never fails or falters even

though the heart is breaking.

It is always believing when all the rest of the

world is condemning.

A Mother's love is a splendored miracle that man
cannot understand.

It is something that cannot be measured,

for it has no beginning or no end.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer coming to a close...

I guess you could say the summer is coming to a close since the kids start school Tuesday. It surely went by quickly. The house will be quiet and as crazy as it sounds I don't necessarily like it. Having five kids in the house makes for pure entertainment.

In June, we went to Gulf Shores with the family and it was a blast. The kids got to party down with their cousins. I think the hardest part of living in Texas is that the kids aren't getting to grow up with their cousins. I do know the times they are together they are creating some lifelong memories.
In two weeks, I have my "A" race of the season, The Austin Triathlon. I've done this race before but this time is different. I signed up to race with the LiveStrong triathlon team. I set a goal to raise $1,ooo for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I am so grateful that I can train like I do. I've had a motto in my head for a long time which is "I do this for those who can't". I think about all of the people fighting for their life as cancer fights to take it from them. It sucks. Cancer sucks. So when I'm busting my butt on Labor Day I know Mom's spirit will be with me every step of the way! I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner I'd like share some memories I love about my mom. My mom was a selfless woman. She always put others before herself. She had the strongest faith. I strive to have that kind of faith. She was an incredible cook. There wasn't anything she couldn't cook. She was beautiful. I loved sitting upstairs watching her put her makeup on. She always put perfume on, Chanel No. 5. I often stop in department stores to smell it just to bring those memories back. She was a nurturer. She was the best medicine in all areas of my life whether it was just being sick or nursing a broken heart. She always said the right things and made it better. She loved my dad. I hope I can be as good as a wife to Aaron as she was to my dad. I could go on and on.
My kids are my everything. They bring joy to my life. I'm proud to be a mom!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Austin Marathon

I've been meaning to write this for a while and just have put it off. I haven't even written my race report for IM Coeur D'Alene. That will be my next post. I've only done two marathons with one being in the Ironman and the first one was a while ago. I was injured two weeks before and walked the whole marathon. It still was a very rewarding experience. My second was during the Ironman and that's a whole different beast. I decided to train with a group, Rogue Running instead of on my own. It was a very wise decision. I absolutely loved it. It pushed me and made me a better runner. When I signed up for this training I commited myself to it and didn't look back. I looked forward to each quality workout and gave it my all. I have to admit my other favorite thing about my training was having lunch after wards with my good friend, Malinda.
I had the best weather conditions on pretty much all of my runs. I loved doing my long runs in Austin. It was so nice having a change in scenery every week. I was able to meet lots of new people and form some great friendships. I think one of the best aspects of my training has been the friendships I've created. It makes me happy.
Now to the race report. I didn't sleep very well but I never do the night before a race. I woke up and had my usual breakfast and made sure I had all the things I needed packed up and ready to go. I parked at Rogue and went to the restroom and got my stuff and just hung out until it was time to leave. I wasn't really nervous which was unusual.
I walked over to the start and found the 4:15 pace group. As I was standing there a young guy with an Army tshirt began to make small talk. He said this was his first race ever. I asked why he chose a marathon as opposed to a shorter distance and his reply was he thought it would be fun. Hmmm, fun. He randomly picked 4:15 to start with because he thought it that might work out for him. I did see him at the end of the marathon and asked him how it went and he said at mile 17 he thought he was in hell. Kinda funny. On the other side of me was a guy who asked me about my Garmin. He said he had heard about the marathon on the radio and decided to sign up just a few days earlier. He also said he had ran twenty miles the day before and figured he could do the 26.2 that day. Wow! I felt like I was on a hidden camera show and these guys were telling me these things to see how I'd react. In my mind I was thinking..Are you crazy?! I mean I had been training for six months for this momentous occasion and they just decided it would be a fun "thing" to do.
So it was time to take off. The first three miles were crowded but it was good for me so that I wouldn't go out to fast. I was staying with the pacers. I was thinking of my game plan and reminding myself to stick with it.
Miles 4-6 were slightly downhill and the pacers going pretty fast to makeup for the first three miles, I guess. I was thinking to myself that it wasn't what I planned especially so early in the race. So I did my own thing. I turned on to Lake Austin and tried to find my pace but just wasn't feeling it. I felt off.
We turned off on to Exposition and the rollers began. I had run this during my training so there were no surprises. I saw Leah and Jay and stopped to give Leah a big hug and continued on. Still felt off but was trying to stay positive. At mile 11, I began to walk. I felt sick to my stomach and dizzy. I couldn't believe it. I had worked so hard for this day. I was feeling so bad that I thought I would try and find medic and call it a day but the Ironman in me would not let that happen. I was not going to get a DNF no way. I knew Jeanie was going to be near Foster and then Malinda and David near the half so I was looking forward to that. I gave hugs to them but really wanted to stop and cry.
It was all mental at this point to finish but damn I had a long way to go. At this point I looked forward to each water stop kind of like at Ironman. One mile at a time and don't think any further. The hill on Dean Keaton was just ridiculous but having Coach Amy was so helpful. She is like a little angel that is always in the right place at the right time. The end was near, down MLK and then up the San Jacinto hills and the finish. I had a wonderful surprise on MLK when Aaron was standing there. He joined me for the end. He was talking to me but I couldn't respond back for fear up throwing up. Yes. It was that bad. I got up the last hill and gave it my all to the finish. I saw my coach, Carolyn and waved. It was finished and I did it! Time...4:27 It wasn't the 4:15 but I was pretty damn proud of what I had just done and still am. I seriously didn't think I'd finish.
The Ironman spirit came out in me. My mantra that I kept repeating in my head was that it was MY race to win. I wasn't racing anyone but myself. I was well trained and prepared. I gave it all I had to give.