Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer coming to a close...

I guess you could say the summer is coming to a close since the kids start school Tuesday. It surely went by quickly. The house will be quiet and as crazy as it sounds I don't necessarily like it. Having five kids in the house makes for pure entertainment.

In June, we went to Gulf Shores with the family and it was a blast. The kids got to party down with their cousins. I think the hardest part of living in Texas is that the kids aren't getting to grow up with their cousins. I do know the times they are together they are creating some lifelong memories.
In two weeks, I have my "A" race of the season, The Austin Triathlon. I've done this race before but this time is different. I signed up to race with the LiveStrong triathlon team. I set a goal to raise $1,ooo for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I am so grateful that I can train like I do. I've had a motto in my head for a long time which is "I do this for those who can't". I think about all of the people fighting for their life as cancer fights to take it from them. It sucks. Cancer sucks. So when I'm busting my butt on Labor Day I know Mom's spirit will be with me every step of the way! I can't wait.

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